Do homes sell for list price in Edmonton?


Whether you are moving to Edmonton or already living here most people are wondering if the homes in Edmonton are selling for their list price. If they are not, are they selling for more than the list price or less than the list price? To answer this question we will look at the sold-to-list ratio. This ratio is calculated by dividing the sold price by the list price and then multiplying it by 100 to provide you with the sold-to-list ratio as a percentage.

- Anything below 100% was sold for less than the list price.
- Anything at 100% was sold for the list price.
- Anything above 100% was sold for more than the list price

The report below is based on monthly numbers. If you want to see how many homes are selling above the list price every week, check out my "Edmonton Real Estate Weekly Mila Market Update" on Instagram this information and other interesting information is provided. 

When looking at the report below, you will notice that there was a point this year when some homes were selling above the list price but for the most part, you were able to buy a home for less than the list price. Though, It's important to note that homes and condos are selling pretty close to the list price so it is unrealistic to expect to get more than 3% off in the current market. 

Watch this video for the stats or read below.

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