Hot Neighbourhoods in Edmonton June 2022


I have defined the hot neighborhoods in Edmonton as the ones with the highest numbers of sales within a specified time period. In addition to the top 5 HOT Neighbourhoods in Edmonton, I have also provided the number of sales per district and by home type. You will see how many homes are sold monthly as well as a comparison to last year. Given the fairly hot market, we have had, it may be surprising to see spring sale numbers for detached homes being down. There is a mixed bag of reasons for the decrease in sales and it's not just interest rates. We are experiencing low inventory levels, a higher cost of living, and stock prices are down. Buyers may have put their plans to buy on the back burner until they have a better sense of how they are financially managing the new normal.

Last but certainly not least, we have Edmonton's top 5 hot neighborhoods based on sales numbers. Are you surprised by the neighborhoods that made the top 5? Considering south Edmonton is usually the hottest in terms of the number of sales, this list does not surprise me. 

Watch this video for more on the stats below. 

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