Moving to Edmonton What You Need to Know

Thinking of moving to Edmonton but aren't sure if it's the right move for you? I have compiled a list of 9 things you need to know before moving to Edmonton. I am confident this information will help you with your decision. 

The Top 9 Things you Need to Know Before Moving to Edmonton

1. Edmonton is a small City

2. Health care is public but doesn't include dental

3. Many Public Transportation options but you still need a car

4. The winters are long, cold, and dry

5. Two main school systems - Public & Catholic

6. Edmonton is the most affordable city to live

7. Edmonton has the lowest taxes in Canada

8. Surprisingly there is plenty of shopping

9. Most common Language is English not everyone speaks French  

Want to learn more about Moving to Edmonton? Check out the end of this article for two videos I made titled "5 Reasons Why You Should Not Move to Edmonton" and "15 Reasons Why I Love Edmonton".

Moving to Edmonton - Why You Should Not Move To Edmonton
First of all, I love Edmonton. However, there are at least 5 pretty good reasons to not move to Edmonton. If you are considering moving to Edmonton, you should definitely watch this video
Moving to Edmonton - Why I Love Edmonton - Reasons To Move To Edmonton
In this video, I provide 15 Reasons Why I Love Edmonton, which may be things that will encourage you to move to Edmonton so you can enjoy these things too.
Moving to Edmonton - the Edmonton Area Explained
Are you moving to Edmonton or moving with in the Edmonton Area? Check out this video for an overview of the entire Edmonton Area, including the surrounding counties, Sturgeon County, Strathcona County, Leduc County, and Parkland County.

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